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Passenger Info

Before Check In


Please arrive at our check-in counter located in the heliport passenger lounge at least 20 minutes (Hong Kong-Macau route and Macau to Shenzhen route), or 30 minutes (Shenzhen to Macau route) before your flight departure time, and presenttravel documentsto our ground attendants for ticket collection and check-in arrangements.





Baggage Policy



One free in-cabin hand-carried baggage allowance of up to 5 kgs and free check-in baggage allowance of up to 7 kgs per passenger (not applicable to infants) is permitted. 



Hand Baggage

Size Limit16'' × 14'' × 6''
Pieces1 per Adult
Weight5 kgs or below
FeesFree of Charge

Check-in Baggage

Size Limit37'' × 24''
FeesFree of Charge for 7 kgs or below

Hand Baggage

  • Size Limit
  • 16'' × 14'' × 6''
  • Pieces
  • 1 per Adult
  • Weight
  • 5 kgs or below
  • Fees
  • Free of Charge

Check-in Baggage

  • Size Limit
  • 37'' × 24''
  • Pieces
  • Unlimited
  • Fees
  • Free of Charge for 7 kgs or below





In accordance to Aeronautical Circular from Civil Aviation Authority Macau, from 1 March 2019, lighters and matches are forbidden to carry onto a helicopter by any means;





Selfie stick, camera/video recorder tripod and monopod exceeding 30cm after retraction is forbidden to put in carry-on baggage, and must be transported in checked baggage.





For further information please refer to the Macau Civil Aviation Authority website. 





Infant Policy



Definition of Infant

Any infant under the age of two.




Frequently Asked Questions



  1. Are we covered by any insurance policy while traveling on your service?
    Passengers of us are insured at international airlines' standard. Detailed information is available upon request.
  2. How do we get to your heliport?
    Please refer to the direction guide.
  3. When I arrive at Hong Kong International Airport, how can I get to HK heliport?
    Please refer to the direction guide.
  4. How should I plan for my trip?
    Contact our experienced customer service staff or refer to the destination guide and we would be glad to provide trip tips.
  5. Can pregnant woman fly with us? 
    It is generally safe to fly while pregnant. However, we advise all pregnant passengers to consult their treating doctor before planning a trip. After the 32nd week of pregnancy, a passenger is required to obtain a medical certificate which states that the pregnant passenger is fit to travel. Please note that for your safety, if you choose not to carry a medical certificate, if your medical certificate is outdated or if it does not contain the information required, we reserve the right to deny boarding. Any pregnant passenger who declares that she is fit to be a helicopter passenger, is required to sign an indemnity form.
  6. Can an infant fly with us?
    An infant is ready to travel with us after 3 months from his/her date of birth. Each infant passenger (aged over 3 months to under the age of 2) must be accompanied by a parent / guardian. A ticket for any infant under the age of two and accompanied by an adult fare-paying passenger will be issued free (except for taxes and other charges if any) but the infant will not have their own seat. No more than two infants under the age of one will be accommodated on the same flight.
  7. Can a child or young passenger travel alone with us? 
    A child under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent / guardian. A young passenger aged over 12 to under the age of 18 is accepted to travel alone on our flights.